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Auto Radiator Repair Shop in San Antonio

Auto Radiator Repair ShopCD Tire & Muffler offers an auto radiator repair shop that delivers unsurpassed service. People all across the San Antonio area know they can rely on our skilled, experienced mechanics to make sure their radiator and other components of their cooling system work at peak efficiency.

How the Cooling System in Your Vehicle Works

Your vehicle’s cooling system is made up of many parts, including the radiator, water pump, cooling fans, pressure cap, thermostat, overflow tank reservoir and many others. The system is designed to stabilize the intense amount of heat that your engine creates. The water pump moves coolant into the engine block to absorb heat, which is then moved past the thermostat, which maintains the temperature of the coolant. The coolant then moves to the radiator, releasing engine heat.

Our Auto Radiator Shop Services

However, it is your cooling system does not work properly, the heat produced by your engine could cause lots of damage, such as blowing head gaskets or warping aluminum heads. The engine itself could fail.

Avoid these extremely expensive repairs by coming into our auto radiator repair shop if your vehicle shows even the slightest sign of overheating. We will make sure your radiator does its primary job – to help keep the engine cool. Our experts will carefully check your radiator and make sure there are no leaks. We will add any needed chemicals, sealants or lubricants, or replace the unit if necessary.

Contact Our Auto Radiator Repair Shop

You will never have to worry about any surprises when you trust the care of your vehicle to the professionals at CD Tire & Muffler. Whether you come into our auto radiator repair shop, or you need any of the several other services we provide, you will always be able to count on reliable, trustworthy service. We will always take the time to thoroughly explain the work we recommend, and will not perform any work until we get your approval.

To learn more about our auto radiator repair shop or the other services we offer, call (210) 509-4709 or contact us online.